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ESL price labels

They not only replace traditional paper price tags and improve the efficiency of the whole sale, but also serve as identification tags for offices, hospitals or warehouses.

Our offer
● High quality
● Solutions for all industries
● Standardized and personalized solutions
● Safety and stability
● Operational efficiency
● Cost savings

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High quality and functionality

The display sizes range from 1.5" to 13.3" is wide enough to satisfy the needs of both price and product information.

● Bluetooth 5.0
● Programmable RGB LED
● Long battery life (up to 10 years)
● Ultra-fast update
● Multi-color E-ink

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Standardised and personalised solutions

The system is deployed on reliable Satomar servers
meeting all security and GDPR requirements.

● Own infrastructure
● Easy developer-side integration (API available)
● Suitable for all users
● Customized logo
● Quick response
● Maximum support

Tailor-made solutions for every operation

Shops and retail chains

The main advantage is the ability to automatically update the displayed data from the central office in a matter of seconds. This saves store staff a lot of working time, which they can use more productively.

ESL labels show the sales price and all the more detailed information about the product. They can even show a QR code, a list of allergens or images that entice them to buy the product. 

Medical facilities

ESL tags in hospitals can be used as patient name tags with all their data and information about allergens and medications used.

Doctors and nurses during rounds will see the current state of the patient on ESL tags. Another use of ESL is for example as a door information panel to inform patients or staff about the time of surgery, break and office hours. 

Offices and conference rooms

The ESL serves as a landmark in offices to provide better navigation in the company. It can also serve as information tags on office or conference room doors.

The ESL can be used as an information tag or a name tag for employees and visitors. 

Warehouses and logistics

Electronic shelf labels make storage much easier than before. Thanks to a good connection with ERP systems, fully displayed product information, and an immediate inventory update, storekeepers will have an immediate overview of the product range. A functional LED alert on ESL can then alert them to the position on the shelf that is about to be picked-up.

Hotels and canteens

You can use ESL price tags in the dining area. The main advantage is that you can choose a label size that can display multiple pages, and you can even add additional images, labels or a list of allergens. 


Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are the right approach to more careful and consistent sales of medicines and exposure to essential information such as adverse events, contraindications and many others that the customer should know on the shelves.


Starter packs

To make it as easy as possible for you to test the options offered by electronic price tags, we have prepared starter packs for you, which include an access point, ten price tags of various sizes and an annual license. You can order everything conveniently in our e-shop, or via the contact form

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